Congratulations to Christian Milone and Rubén Trincado, the winners of the contest “Aria di Alba: miglior piatto a base di tartufo“!

The photos of the dishes:

Giuseppe Iannotti – “Langhe Sannio“, a cold soup with white truffle, potatoes from Pietraroja,  hot smoked chestnuts, rosemary jelly cubes, cheese and truffle.


Enrique Fleischmann – “Mamia Trufada“, a crisp mustard seeds caviar with honey, soy sauce on a cauliflower cream, truffle and Idiazabal goat cheese .


Eugenio Boer – “Abrazo Langhe y Pais Vasco” the typical “ravioli al plin” from Piedmont stuffed with codfish, served on a garlic cream with points of coffee, truffles and encapsulated chilli pepper Caviaroli oil.


Roberto Ruiz – “Cremoso de huevo de caserioa remake of the classic egg and truffle: scrumble egg combined with beetroots, mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles.


Christian Milone – “Dulce trufa y sus adaptaciones“, an ice cream made with truffle and honey on a crunchy and salty “land” with a white chocolate and topinambur cream, grated truffle and a sponge hazelnuts cake.


Rubén Trincado – “Pasion“, a beef carpaccio with anchovies and fermented beetroot, green pepper, pumpkin seeds and truffle, a Parmigiano bonbon and a wafer ticket with the instructions to eat the dish.

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