The Contest

Aria di Alba will take place in early October, at the same time as the beginning of white truffle season.

The event, now in its third year and eighth stop, will bring truffle culture and knowledge to Prague in collaboration with Wine Food Market. After the most recent editions in the Spanish capital, chef Giuseppe Iannotti offers journey into Italian gastronomic tradition during a truffle-themed master class and a gourmet dinner, reinterpreted with his avant-garde style and philosophy of respect for products.

Tartuflanghe, a historic Piedmont-based company with 40 years of experience in selling truffles from Alba, has been an ambassador of the beautiful area of ​​the Langhe and Roero worldwide, and has created the Aria di Alba initiative to unite and speak to the close link between the land, food products and haute cuisine. Know-how and knowledge that look to the future are part of the heritage of the company, which has been able to reinvent itself and become a landmark for truffle-based gourmet products and promote the local specialties of the Langhe internationally.

Wine Food Market was founded in 2007 with the opening of the first store in Prague Pruhonize thanks to Jiri Jelinek, who is passionate about Italian food and decided to share this passion with the Czech Republic in the form of quality traditional products. After its first success, the inauguration of the headquarters in the district of Smichov came three years later, a large shop with Italian delicatessen, to which a restaurant, café, bakery and pastry shop are connected. Today the WFM boasts four stores in Prague and one in London. The goal is to convey the culture of Italian food and wine through a careful selection of products, tastings, training courses and unforgettable gourmet dinners in the presence of suppliers and Michelin-starred chefs.

In 2013, chef Giuseppe Iannotti, an engineer with an atavistic passion for cooking, a visionary entrepreneur whose feet are yet firmly attached to the ground, received his first Michelin Star and two forks, steps that strengthen the entire journet around the Kresios project, the chef’s 360° project. The Giovane dell’anno award from l’Espresso, the Premio Vent’Anni, the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2013 and his joining of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe are a further confirmation of his achievements.