The event

From 25th to 27th of January Tartuflanghe goes to Madrid, straight to the heart of Spanish Gastronomy, during the Festival Madrid Fusion to share the secrets of Truffle from Alba.

3 days full of events, devoted to the most gourmet side of food: Madrid Fusìon is a milestone in Spain for all food service professionals as well as for the fine food lovers. During the same days Gastro Festival, a series of gastronomical, cultural, artistic and fashion oriented events will be hosted in more than 400 venues in the city.

In this context, bursting with energy, 2 epicurean dinners will take place revealing the vibrating soul of the capital of Spain. The first one in Punk Bach, a brasserie “ilustrada y canalla”, and the second one in the 2* Michelin El Club Allard.

Giuseppe Iannotti -Ambassador of the Alba Truffle- from January this year opened in Barcelona his twin restaurant Kresios, the original one located in Benevento, bringing his unconventional touch internationally.
Tartuflanghe, a company whose name stems for Truffle and Langhe –the territory where the famous fungus grows- holds in its DNA authenticity of this territory and makes “Italian character” travel around the world.

Those are the ingredients of this 2016 Aria di Alba Madrid Edition.