Fascinating lesson in Madrid Fusion

The 27th of January at 18:00 in SALA 1 the CEO of Tartuflanghe PAOLO MONTANARO and the chef GIUSEPPE IANNOTTI will present a fascinating lesson titled “Truffle mysteries”, introducing new languages and vanguard gastronomy through culinary and technological experimentation. The legacy between the company, the Langhe region and the Chefs made Tartuflanghe a landmark both nationally and internationally in fine foods. A vision towards the future while basing its savoir-faire on tradition and culture, connects Tartuflanghe to a terroir that has been recognized as a World Heritage site. Present and future of an undisputed tradition, a unique craftsmanship.

Gastro Festival:
Gastrofestival, it is an initiative from Madrid Fusìon: 2 week of events and activities around Madrid to give an experience 360° around food and its nuances. 400 premises will be the live hosting places for a cultural, fashion and artistic agenda with no comparison. This 7th edition will be endorsed by the claim “Còmete Madrid”!

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